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Atlanta Tax Attorneys Give Tax Relief from Surge in IRS Liens

Most people don't realize that taxpayers who owe just $5,000 in IRS back taxes are automatically subject to an IRS lien filed at your local county courthouse, unless you get a Georgia tax attorney to deal with your tax debt before the IRS does.

I recently read an article on MSNBC in which IRS watchdog and National Taxpayer Advocate Nina E. Olson told Congress, "By filing a lien against a taxpayer with no money and no assets, the IRS often collects nothing, yet it inflicts long-term harm on the taxpayer by making it harder for him to get back on his feet when he does get a job."

What is an IRS lien?

If you owe IRS back taxes, the federal government can put a lien on your personal or business property to secure liability - and seize your property. IRS liens are on the rise and at their highest rate since the mid-1990's. Last fiscal year the IRS filed 1.1 million liens on people with unpaid back taxes.

Seek local Atlanta tax relief from an IRS lien with an Atlanta tax attorney

In response to Olson's report, the IRS said taxpayers are given numerous opportunities to pay their IRS tax debt or file for IRS payment plans. Without the legal counsel of a tax attorney, many people may not understand how to find qualified Atlanta tax resolution help or take advantage of tax relief to prevent a lien.

An IRS installment agreement, also called a payment plan, is one tax relief option an Atlanta tax attorneywill explore with you. Taxpayers can face staggering interest on top of the tax debt, and steep IRS penalty fees. Deal with delinquent tax returns or back taxes with a tax attorney on your side for the best possible outcome to a tax debt situation. Your tax attorney will communicate directly with the IRS and make sure you're not missing deadlines to apply for an extension or other opportunities to dampen the threat of an IRS lien.

If you are facing an IRS lien, an experienced tax attorney is your best bet to protect your rights as a taxpayer, and to negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. Timing and efficient action is critical to surviving an IRS lien or collection of back taxes. Talk to an Atlanta tax attorney today.

Jeffrey S. Gartzman has 28 years of experience as a CPA and Atlanta tax attorney. He has helped countless taxpayers facing IRS liens and dealing with IRS back taxes collection tactics. An IRS lien situation is time-critical, so if you owe back taxes contact the Gartzman Law Firm today at (770) 939-7710 or online at Gartzman Tax Law.

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