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Atlanta Tax Relief Lessons: Don't Try an IRS Audit Alone

If you needed surgery, would you attempt to do it yourself? An IRS tax audit is just as critical for your tax, financial and business wellbeing, so don't go it alone.

Ask anyone who has tried to "DIY" the audit process unsuccessfully: The IRS has been far more aggressive in tax audits and collection efforts in recent years. Taxpayers are not guaranteed flexibility from the IRS. Learn from my Atlanta tax relief clients who have found tax help with expert tax attorney representation, even at the eleventh hour with an IRS audit.

It's never too late to hire an Atlanta tax attorney

If you receive notice from the IRS that you're being audited, representing yourself can be dangerously inefficient and close doors on key opportunities that your tax attorney will understand from the start.

A textbook example is the taxpayer who either ignored the IRS audit notice or dealt with the IRS auditor alone. Take advice from my Atlanta tax relief clients who tried an IRS audit alone and wish they hadn't.

IRS audit lessons you don't want to learn the hard way:

  • They missed the opportunity for an administrative appeal and are left with hard choices, like tax court or IRS tax debt with no way out.
  • The IRS auditor found their tax and financial records were incomplete or too disorganized.
  • The process was confusing because they didn't speak the tax lingo of the IRS auditor.
  • Staggering interest and penalties were accumulating the entire time they ignored or delayed the tax audit.
  • They don't know of or understand their legal and financial options for surviving an IRS audit or the tax audit follow-up process.
  • They get stung with a large assessment for several years of previous tax returns, unfiled taxes, or back taxes - not just the year for which they were being audited.

If you find yourself at the brink of an IRS audit failure, a tax attorney can intervene and provide tax help in many critical ways. As your tax attorney, my job is to interface with IRS personnel on your behalf.

Last minute tax representation is always better than none. However, you have a significantly better chance to successfully navigate an IRS audit if you get a tax attorney on your side the minute you learn you're being audited.

Jeffrey S. Gartzman, Atlanta Tax Attorney and CPA, has been providing Atlanta tax relief for over 28 years. If you are facing an IRS audit, contact Gartzman Tax Law to get a tax attorney on your side immediately. Call the Gartzman Law Firm today at (770) 939-7710.

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