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Tax Alert: Plan Now for Changes Coming in 2013 - Part II

It is my responsibility, as a Tax Attorney and CPA in Atlanta, Georgia to stay up-to-date with upcoming tax changes. I recommend that you plan now for the tax changes coming in 2013. Below is part II of the tax changes and you can review part I of this tax alert to be more prepared.

#3. An increase in Medicare tax on certain wages. The amount of Medicare tax you pay on wages and self-employment income is scheduled to go up next year. When you're single and your wages are greater than $200,000, your employer will withhold an additional 0.9% of Medicare tax from your paycheck. Are you self-employed? The tax applies when net self-employment income exceeds the threshold. The income threshold is $250,000 for married couples.

Planning move: If you're self-employed, review the way your business is organized. While you always want to pay yourself a reasonable amount of compensation, some entity types can allow for flexibility in the timing of wages or salary.

#4. A new Medicare tax on unearned income. You probably associate Medicare tax with earned income - that is, the 1.45% tax your employer deducts from your pay. But a provision in the 2010 health care laws extends the Medicare tax to certain unearned income, beginning in 2013. The new surtax is a flat rate of 3.8%, and will apply to interest, dividends, capital gains, annuities, royalties, and rents. It kicks in when your AGI exceeds $250,000 (for married filing jointly). When you file as single, the AGI threshold is $200,000.

Planning move: Consider adding tax-exempt bonds to your portfolio. The interest is not subject to the new tax. Roth conversions and selling assets with capital gains may also be a wise move in 2012.

Many other tax law changes are expected in 2013. Timely planning is essential for preserving tax- saving opportunities. Please give us a call to discuss strategies to put in place now to maximize your benefits.

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