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May 2013 Archives

Failure to pay taxes results in tax liens and prison

Yet another high-profile celebrity has been hit with tax lien from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Mary J. Blige and her husband received a $3.4 million tax lien from the IRS in New Jersey. According to court documents, the IRS claims she owed "$574,000 for the 2009 tax year, more than $2.2 million for 2010 and more than $647,000 for 2011."

2012 IRS Criminal Investigation division report issued

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued the yearend report for 2012 from its Criminal Investigation (CI) division. The report details the performance of IRS-CI and the types of cases they prosecuted. Last year, CI began criminal investigation of 5,125 cases and they completed 4,937. They recommended 8.5 percent more prosecutions than in 2011 with 3,701 cases.

Back taxes: A problem that will not go away on its own

The saying about the only things that are certain are death and taxes is a truism because it is accurate. Unless you plan on dropping out of the economy entirely and becoming homeless, eventually if you have failed to pay your taxes, they will come back to haunt your future.

Improper targeting shows IRS prone to mistakes

The Internal Revenue Service has an aura about it: the federal tax collecting agency seems to be an all-powerful entity that cannot be questioned or tested. Many Atlanta residents have heard horror stories of the IRS initiating an audit against a tax filer, only for the person's life to be turned upside-down because of the audit. They have also likely heard of tax liens being placed on individuals, making their financial lives very difficult.

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