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Moving your business? Tell the IRS or face tax liens

As many Atlanta residents know, running your own business is no easy feat. If your business is small, you have deal with everything from talking to customers to making sure the books are up-to-date to making sure your employees get paid. If your business is successful and grows to the point that you need a new space, moving can be a challenge as well. In the excitement of such a big change, it is easy to forget about little things that don't seem immediately important. However, if one of those things involves the Internal Revenue Service, it may be more important than you think.

In an example of a case in which details matter, a business owner moved his business to a new location. He did not, however, notify the IRS that he was moving. Nearly a year after he moved, the IRS sent a letter to the address they had on file for him informing him of a tax assessment. The letter was forwarded to the man's home, but he still never formally told the IRS he moved. Eventually, the IRS filed a lien against him for the back taxes. 

Although the man attempted to contest the lien in court, arguing that it was not a valid tax lien because the IRS failed to notify him properly, a court sided with the IRS, saying that the man should have informed them of his change in address. 

The moral of this story is clear. If you change your address, make sure to notifiy the appropriate agencies. While you should certainly let the post office know, that alone is not always enough to ensure the IRS gets the memo. To avoid a complicated situation like this man experienced, it is important to file Form 8822-B. 

Source: Business Management, "Moving? Remember to tell IRS," July 18, 2013

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