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February 2015 Archives

Managing financial records: Should they stay, or should they go? p2

We are talking about some ways to manage your financial records. For the most part, we are talking about paper. When it comes to electronic records, the duration advice is the same -- six years for tax returns and supporting documentation, for example -- but the location may be different. Cyber security experts waver between saving files to a flash drive (or external hard drive) and moving files to the cloud. The verdict isn't really in yet.

Managing financial records: Should they stay, or should they go?

The weather in Atlanta has been lousy. We have suffered through below freezing temperatures. We have coped with that awful "wintry mix" that makes driving so difficult. As a friend of ours said, "Where are our 50's and 60's? If we wanted this kind of weather, we'd live in Minneapolis!"

You need legal help when your tax situation gets messy

Let's say it's late March and you're having some trouble with your tax filing. You have all of your information and you know what you're supposed to do -- but you're not entirely sure how to do it. Tax filings have a habit of being complicated like this, and with tax code that is impenetrable and often hard to understand, these situations are common for most Americans.

Ignoring your tax filing is a great way to get in trouble

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you simply didn't file your taxes? What would happen to you if you lived dangerously and tried the patient of the Internal Revenue Service? Well, it goes without saying that nothing good would come of it -- but let's break it down step by step anyway.

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