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March 2015 Archives

It's T-minus 16. Do you know where your tax return is?

In our last post, we were talking about the upcoming deadline for filing 2011 returns -- if you have a refund coming, it will be gone forever if you do not file by April 15. As we said, the IRS has a deadline, and then it has a deadline: They'd prefer that you file for year X by April 15 of year X+1. If you owe the government and do not file, the IRS will find you and you will pay a penalty and plenty of interest on what you owe.

Have you claimed your 2011 refund? Time is running out.

Tax laws are constantly disputed and amended. The one thing that seems to stay the same is that you are required to file your return for the previous year by the April deadline. Even that unwavering variable is not as stringent as it might seem. Like many other “due on” payments, there is a type of grace period. Those who failed to file their 2011 tax returns have until April 15 of this year, a deadline that is fast approaching.

Round and round the estate tax debate goes - will it stop?

The federal estate tax is once again under fire. The U.S. House of Representatives is currently considering the Death Tax Repeal Act of 2015, a bill co-sponsored by Rep. Sanford Bishop of Georgia. The proposal would eliminate the federal estate tax, the federal generation-skipping transfer tax. The bill will not change the gift tax exemption from $5 million (indexed for inflation) but would lower the tax rate from 40 percent to 35 percent.

Georgia General Assembly doesn't give a taxpayer an even break p2

Taxpayers are nearing the deadline for filing their returns with the IRS and the Georgia Department of Revenue, and they may have realized by now that the state and the federal government calculate adjusted gross income differently. The reason is that the Georgia General Assembly does not adopt wholesale every change to the federal tax code. So, when Congress finally passed the tax extenders for the 2014 tax year, Georgia lawmakers spent a few weeks deciding which parts of the law would apply here.

High hopes for refunds? Whoops there goes another SSN

You cannot spend an evening with a baby boomer without having the memory discussion. Those of us born between 1946 and 1964 are often amazed at how much we forget. We walk into the kitchen and draw a blank. We leave the house in the morning, only to return 20 minutes later to make sure we turned off the coffee maker. We stop mid-sentence, because we have completely derailed.

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