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August 2016 Archives

What Should I Do If I Receive An IRS Notice?

This is a common question that is often asked by those who are unfamiliar with our complex tax laws. One of the best ways to handle an IRS tax notice or letter is to simply contact an Atlanta IRS attorney as soon as possible after receiving the notice.

Tax Audit Tips And Hints

Most would agree that nobody enjoys the idea of being audited by the IRS. However, it does occur and more frequently than most might imagine. That said there are some good tax audit tips and hints that are worth considering if you ever do encounter this type of situation. For example, it is important to remain calm and always be yourself when dealing with the IRS. Auditors will review documentation and paperwork but also review the person being audited.

Top Questions To Ask Your Atlanta Tax Attorney

While there are people that may not require the services of a tax attorney in Atlanta, there are times when the help of a legal professional is absolutely necessary. That said here are a few key questions that should be asked when seeking the assistance of an Atlanta tax lawyer. For example, one of the first questions that should be asked is what type of tax law the attorney specializes in. There are attorneys who specialize in only corporate taxes while others specialize in personal income tax related issues.

Tips On Avoiding IRS Tax Scams

Today, more than ever before financial fraud and financial scams are prevalent just about everywhere. Identity theft and tax scams are equally as common today in that regard. Here are a few tax identity theft and tax scams that everyone should be alert to as a way to stay smart and stay safe. From telephone scams to phishing and ID theft there are many ways that an individual can fall victim to fraud. Thieves have been known to even "dumpster dive" or masquerade as an IRS employee via email or telephone calls as a way to defraud someone.

The Virtues And Benefits Of Filing A Tax Return On Time

Sometimes the simplest approach to things in life can make our world easier to manage. This is clearly the case when it comes to filing a tax return on time. In today's busy and hectic world where school, work and family occupy much of our time, taxes sometimes take a backseat. While this is understandable, it can cause serious problems down the road when it comes to dealing with the IRS. Perhaps the most prevalent reason for delayed tax filings is that taxpayers simply do not have the money to pay their taxes.

Understanding IRS Tax Penalties

Many people have heard about IRS tax penalties and interest. However, few people today truly understand exactly what this implies. While each tax case is unique and different, there are also a number of various solutions that can be applied to deal with IRS tax penalties and interest. Working with an experienced Atlanta tax lawyer is typically the first place to begin when dealing with any type of IRS penalty. Here are some of the more common types of IRS penalties that today's modern taxpayer may face.

Indications That You May Need An Atlanta Tax Lawyer

There is sometimes a level of uncertainty with regard to when a tax attorney is actually needed. In truth, hiring an Atlanta tax lawyer who specializes in various aspects of tax law is often recommended for those who require IRS tax help. Whether owing back taxes or being audited, or for any other number of tax related issues, having a focused and dedicated lawyer in your corner can make all the difference. Tax lawyers are well versed in handling complex and technical tax related legal issues.

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