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IRS Audit Basics For Taxpayers

An experienced and knowledgeable Atlanta IRS tax attorney can help those who may encounter a tax audit at some point in their life.

The IRS offers a detailed page found here ( that makes it easy and convenient to understand all that is involved with a typical audit.

In many cases IRS tax help is required. The IRS tax help page features a guide to tax audits in video format as well as in written format that is detailed and easy to understand.

It first discusses what an IRS audit is in simple terms.

A Trusted Atlanta IRS Lawyer

The IRS defines an audit as an examination or review of a company, organization or individual's accounts and financial data.

The audit is intended to confirm that information is being reported correctly and accurately as it relates to current and existing tax laws. The audit is also intended to confirm and verify that the amount of tax that has been calculated and reported is substantially correct.

Taxpayers can also refer to IRS publication 556 that offers further in depth understanding of the process involved with examining tax returns.

Finding An Atlanta Tax Attorney For Audit Resolution

Taxpayers should understand that if a tax return is selected for audit it does not automatically suggest that there have been errors or mistakes made.

There are a number of methods that are used to select a tax return for audit. For example, many audits are the result of random selection that is done by computer screening.

In many instances tax returns are selected based only upon a statistical formula. This may mean that a return selected for audit may have no errors, mistakes or misrepresentations.

Conversely, other randomly selected returns may have multiple errors, mistakes or misrepresentations.

Atlanta IRS Tax Problems

In addition, an audit can be initiated based on something known as document matching.

This involves a comparison between payor records such as 1099 forms or W-2's and the actual information that is reported. When there is a discrepancy in this type of information, an audit may be triggered.

Further, a taxpayer can be selected for audit based on something known as related examinations.

This simply involves situations where returns are selected for audit because they are connected to tax issues or transactions with other taxpayers that may have IRS tax problems.

A Dedicated IRS Tax Attorney In Atlanta

This may include everyone from investors to business partners and others that are connected in some financial way to the individual being considered for audit.

In most instances an audit notification is delivered to the taxpayer by telephone or by mail. Audits can be conducted in person or through the mail.

Either way, an audit involves an interview and review process for the taxpayer's records.

Interviews can take place in an IRS office, the taxpayer's home or the taxpayer's place of business. Contact Jeffrey Gartzman today to learn more about an IRS tax attorney in Atlanta with a dedication to accuracy and professionalism.

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