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Notification that an IRS audit is being conducted can cause angst and apprehension in even the most savvy of businesspersons.

However, dealing with an IRS tax audit can be as simple as working with the right Atlanta IRS tax attorney.

While there are a number of tax lawyers in Atlanta, one firm stands as a leader in the industry and has a proven track record in helping individuals and businesses when dealing with the IRS.

Jeffrey Gartzman is a reliable and trusted source for those with Atlanta IRS tax problems.

Atlanta Tax Help

For information about tax audits, the IRS offers a detailed explanation of the audit process found here (

Some of the items covered in this detailed write-up include the type of records that are required by the IRS whenever an audit has been triggered.

In most instances taxpayers are sent a written request asking for specific documents as they relate to the audit process.

As most people know, tax law demands that tax preparation records that are used to prepare a return be retained for a given period of time.

Have Your Atlanta IRS Attorney Contact The Auditor

At a minimum, tax records should be retained for at least three years or longer from the date the tax return was initially filed.

It should also be noted that the Internal Revenue Service does, under certain conditions, accepts electronic records in lieu of actual paper based records.

One of the best ways to know for sure in this respect is to simply contact an IRS auditor or have your Atlanta IRS attorney contact the auditor on your behalf.

This is important because electronic records delivered to the IRS must be software compatible with the IRS's computer system.

Audit Help From An Atlanta IRS Tax Lawyer

Taxpayers should also understand that the outcome of an audit typically comes to a conclusion in a few different ways.

For example, one outcome is that there may be no change with regard to a taxpayer's return. This simply means that after all items have been reviewed that the IRS found no errors, mistakes or misrepresentations.

Conversely, the IRS may conclude that certain changes are required to bring a return into full compliance.

When the taxpayer agrees then the audit has then been fully satisfied. Finally, the IRS may determine that changes are required, while the taxpayer may in fact disagree with these changes.

For The Best In Atlanta IRS Tax Help

When a taxpayer agrees with audit findings they will be asked to sign something known as an examination report.

This in effect concludes the audit assuming that the taxpayer pays all taxes owed in a timely manner.

When a taxpayer disagrees with audit findings a conference may be convened with a manager where a return can be reviewed in greater detail.

Working with an Atlanta IRS tax attorney will help to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Contact Jeffrey Gartzman today for the best in Atlanta IRS tax help and assistance.

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