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Smart And Effective Ways Of Avoiding A Tax Audit

Most professionals who specialize in IRS tax law would likely agree that there are certain IRS red flags that can trigger a tax audit.

The good news is that there are simple and obvious ways of avoiding a tax audit. Of course, working and experienced Atlanta IRS tax attorney can have a direct impact on reducing the chances of being audited.

The Jeffrey Gartzman law firm is dedicated to providing quality legal assistance for a wide range of Atlanta IRS tax problems.

IRS Red Flags

We recently read an interesting article found here ( that discusses some of the more obvious IRS red flags that have been known to trigger a tax related audit.

For example, typographical errors and omissions can easily cause the IRS computers to identify a return as a likely candidate for audit. 

While many people make honest mistakes, accuracy and neatness do count when filing an IRS tax return.

Variations in what an employer reports and what an individual files on their tax return can easily trigger an audit.

Trigger An Audit

Equally of concern when it comes to avoiding an IRS audit is to ensure that a home business is not only shown as unprofitable.

A business must be represented as reasonable in terms of profits and losses. For example, a business that shows continual losses year after year may trigger a flag causing an audit.

This is simply due to the fact that a business that steadily loses money would likely not stay in business over the long term.

Another red flag that may trigger an audit is when $250,000 of more in income is reported.

High earners may be more susceptible to audits than those who make a small amount of income.

Atlanta IRS Tax Problems

This is simply due to the fact that high earners represent a larger potential for lost tax revenue.

In addition, those who show no income or those who are associated with businesses or other individuals that are known tax avoiders may find that they have received an IRS tax notice.  

Large amounts of unpaid taxes as well as interest and penalties can net the IRS a substantial amount of tax revenue if discovered.

Finding The Best IRS Tax Help In Atlanta

Finally, those who show large charitable contributions may raise a red flag with the IRS.

Charitable contributions are often reported without the proper type of documentation and as such may be viewed as fraudulent.

While it is largely unknown exactly what will cause an IRS audit, there are many ways to determine the likelihood of being audited.

These are just a few examples as explained in this informative article ( 

Having an IRS lawyer in Atlanta in your corner if an audit is triggered can reduce the stress associated with this type of event and ensure a more successful outcome. Contact Jeffrey Gartzman today to learn more about IRS tax help in Atlanta.

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