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Taking The Stress Out Of IRS Tax Audits

Individuals and business owners alike would likely agree that IRS tax audits are a fact of life and can sometimes be very stressful.

That said, The Jeffrey Gartzman Law Firm recently came upon an interesting news article found here ( that discusses this very issue in detail.

The article talks about the fact that IRS audits do not have to be stressful.

Atlanta IRS Audit Help

In fact, the article brings to light the fact that those who are well prepared for an audit can successfully navigate the complexities of this type of governmental action in a safe and successful way.

Of course, working with an experienced and dedicated team of Atlanta IRS attorneys can make the entire process far more manageable.

Taxpayers should know that there are a number of audit triggers resulting in notice from the IRS that an audit has been initiated. For example, those who report excessively high business entertainment deductions can in fact trigger an audit.

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In addition, individuals or businesses that consistently file losses as they relate to schedule C may find that a tax audit has been initiated.

Equally of concern with regard to triggering an audit is excessive home office deductions. Everything from tax return errors to simply failing to report income can easily result in a tax audit.

Even something as simple as claiming 100% use of a vehicle for business related purposes results in notice from the IRS that an audit has been triggered.

Taxpayers should know that a typical audit will generally not go back more than three years in terms of prior tax returns.

Dealing With IRS Problems In Atlanta

Working with a tax attorney in Atlanta to answer all IRS related questions associated with an audit and providing all requested information can make the entire process more efficient and faster in terms of resolution.

IRS tax problems happen each and every day to individuals and businesses. That is why it is so important to be prepared and to work with an IRS lawyer in Atlanta that has experience in talking with the IRS.

Keeping excellent records and being prompt in responding to the IRS is always helpful.

Detailed records of deductions and having all receipts available can also help to simplify the audit process.

A Trusted Atlanta IRS Tax Attorney

Taxpayer should always remember that the responsibility of proof always falls on those who file a tax return.

Taxpayers must prove their claimed deductions and show proof of payment with regard to purchases made. Even restaurant receipts should be kept organized and made available as necessary.

Finally, taxpayers should only bring documents and information that has been required by the IRS to an audit meeting.

Bringing additional records may cause further problems for the taxpayer.

Being courteous is recommended and only answering the questions that you are being asked is wise. Contact Jeffrey Gartzman today for an Atlanta IRS tax attorney with years of experience.

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