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Understanding Identity Theft And Dealing With The IRS

More people than ever before are experiencing a wide variety of identity theft related events.

Identity theft costs consumers and individuals across the country hundreds of millions of dollars each and every year. That is why it is so important to take the time to understand identity theft as well as the prevention and detection of this troubling type of crime.

Most importantly, the IRS and other agencies offer victim assistance whenever identity theft has been experienced.

Working With An IRS Tax Attorney In Atlanta

The IRS offers detailed information with regard to identity theft on its website found here (

Identity theft is a major concern because it places undue burden on unsuspecting victims and presents financial as well as other challenges for organizations, businesses and government agencies.

The IRS like any other type of government organization is susceptible to identity theft even when precautions are taken.

More specifically, tax related identity theft could happen to just about anyone. Even stolen Social Security numbers may be used to file a fraudulent tax return requesting a fraudulent refund.

IRS Tax Help In Atlanta

Reaching out to an Atlanta IRS lawyer is typically the best strategy when this happens. This will help to ensure that quick and decisive action is taken in order to prevent further identity theft and to recover any potential losses.

Taxpayers should rest assured that the Internal Revenue Service takes advantage of the latest technology and strategies to prevent as well as detect and deter identity theft in a very aggressive way.

Those who become a victim of identity theft should work closely with a tax lawyer in Atlanta to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Atlanta Tax Law

Taxpayers who feel that they have become a victim of identity theft should know that the IRS is committed to helping individuals and businesses resolve their case as quickly as possible.

The IRS also has instituted the Security Summit as a way to further advance identity theft protection and detection and to help identity theft victims.

The Internal Revenue Service takes a proactive role in protecting taxpayers from identity theft and other types of tax fraud.

Focused Atlanta IRS Tax Help

The IRS website offers a wide range of detailed information on what to do if you become the victim of tax related identity theft.

There are a number of publications offered online that address this very issue. Tax preparers, businesses and individual taxpayers can read a wide range of information in PDF format that directly addresses the issue of identity theft and tax fraud.

The IRS also offers detailed information on what the agency is doing to combat the problem of identity theft.

All this and more is offered on the website in a complete and comprehensive collection of identity theft related information.

Contact Jeffrey Gartzman today to learn more about detailed Atlanta IRS tax help for those who have experienced identity theft related events.

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