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Excellent Tips To Consider When Owing Taxes

Most would agree that taxes are simply a fact of life. However, it is well worth considering a few excellent tips when an individual or business owes taxes.

The Internal Revenue Service offers several tips on their main website for anyone who may owe taxes for any given tax year. For example, it is always recommended to file a tax return or at least file an extension no later than the required date.

Even if you are not able to pay your taxes it is important to file a tax return or an extension as a way to avoid unnecessary IRS filing penalties.

IRS Direct Pay

Equally important is to always pay your tax bill whenever you receive notification from the IRS that money is owed.

When receiving notification from the internal revenue service it is good to consult with an Atlanta tax attorney. Any time a tax bill cannot be paid in full it is wise to send as much is possible and then work on covering the remaining balance.

This will help to reduce penalties and any interest associated with late payments. Another great way of staying ahead of a tax bill is to use the IRS Direct Pay feature on the main IRS website.

IRS Website Online

This is a great tool that is safe, easy and free to use. Taxpayers can easily pay directly from a savings or checking account using Direct Pay.

Five simple steps are required when using this resource as a way to pay taxes online. Simply go to the main IRS website online and follow the easy to use and intuitive instructions.

Another alternative to consider when owing taxes is to take advantage of something known as a short-term extension to pay. This typically provides taxpayers with a four-month or less extension.

Visit An Atlanta IRS Tax Lawyer

Consult with your Atlanta IRS tax lawyer if you are considering taking advantage of a short-term extension to pay the IRS. Best of all, when using a short-term extension to pay, there is typically no setup fee and no added expenses.

Another alternative for dealing with taxes owed is to consider a monthly payment plan or installment agreement. An easy to manage online installment payment plan with the IRS can make paying taxes easy, convenient and hassle free.

Atlanta IRS Tax Help

Finally, individuals and business owners may wish to consider changing their withholding or estimated taxes.

This is a smart and effective way of avoiding having to pay the IRS money at a future date. Simply having a greater amount of taxes withhold from a paycheck can ultimately save money.

Adjusting estimated tax payments and carefully planning for taxes throughout the year will eliminate headaches later on as tax season approaches.

Consider these excellent strategies if you owe the IRS taxes in Atlanta. Contact The Gartzman Law Firm, P.C. an Atlanta, Georgia tax lawyer today for access to experienced and dedicated tax help and assistance.

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