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What Does It Mean If You Are Deemed Non-Collectible By The IRS?

This is an interesting question that requires some level of analysis. On rare occasions, the Internal Revenue Service may deem an individual or business non-collectible in terms of taxes owed.

When this happens it usually relates to a specific tax debt or period of time. It only happens in instances where an individual or business can show enough evidence that they are unable to make a payment with regard to a specific tax bill.

One example of this is when an individual is unemployed or underemployed.

Contact An Atlanta IRS Tax Attorney

In this case it is important to file the appropriate financial statement to the IRS that lays out the specifics of the situation.

An experienced and knowledgeable Atlanta IRS tax attorney can assist those who qualify. Most importantly, taking proactive steps and ensuring that the Internal Revenue Service fully understands the situation can help to prevent levies, seizures and possible taking of assets.

Having open and clear discourse and communication with the IRS through a tax attorney in Atlanta is always the best option.

Multiple IRS Programs

Once an individual or business has been approved for what is known as uncollectible status they are in essence afforded time to regain their financial stability.

This may require paying taxes at a later time while in other cases it may result in total tax debt forgiveness. There is multiple IRS programs available today that are designed to assist individuals and business owners who are simply unable to pay a tax debt.

An IRS tax lawyer in Atlanta Georgia can help to guide you through various programs that are currently available.

Atlanta Tax Expert

In addition, there are a number of other tax relief options available to taxpayers that may be worth considering.

Your Atlanta tax help professional can guide you in making the best choice when it comes to these types of programs. It is important to remember that those who make a sincere effort to pay off their tax debt do have options when there are simply no financial resources to pay an existing tax bill.

Your lawyer or Atlanta tax expert can ultimately save you time, trouble and money in this regard.

Attorney In Atlanta For Taxes

When the IRS declares an individual or business to be non-collectible, it does not relieve that individual or business of future tax related burden.

An attorney in Atlanta for tax issues can be consulted to ensure that future tax debts do not spiral out of control. They can help taxpayers arrange installment agreements, tax payment plans and other related types of programs to better manage an existing tax bill.

While each tax case is unique and different it is vital and essential to work with an experienced tax professional as a way to avoid further problems with the IRS. Contact The Gartzman Law Firm, P.C. an Atlanta, Georgia, tax lawyer today to learn more about options when it comes to paying a tax bill.

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