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The Variations Of Modern-Day Tax Fraud

Tax fraud can take on many forms and types in today's world. As an example, tax fraud can be considered to be that which is triggered under a number of different IRS tax laws.

This may include laws found under Title 26 and Title 18 of United States code related to taxes. When a taxpayer shows intent to defraud the US government by not paying this is known as lawfully due taxes that have not been paid.

Experienced Atlanta IRS Tax Lawyer

It is important to note that tax related fraud could indeed be addressed in both a civil as well as a criminal arena. In short, tax fraud can result in civil penalties by way of monetary fines or can be dealt with from a criminal aspect in terms of receiving prison time.

Penalties vary widely depending on each individual case. However, one of the best ways to avoid a confrontation with the IRS is to simply seek out the consultation, advice and assistance of an experienced Atlanta IRS tax lawyer.

Seek IRS Tax Help In Atlanta

In some instances a taxpayer may be committing tax fraud and not even know that they are doing so.

That is why it is essential to have the best and IRS tax help in Atlanta as a way to completely avoid any of the problems discussed here.

In many instances civil penalties will be imposed as opposed to charging the taxpayer with criminal tax evasion. However, rather than test the system it is best to always file on time and ensure that all tax documents are particularly accurate, perfect and concise.

Tax Fraud

It should also be pointed out that in general terms tax fraud is typically difficult for the government to prove.

In other words, the government or the IRS has the burden of proof and must show to a court that the taxpayer has indeed intentionally defrauded the government in some way.

The process of showing that a taxpayer did in some way intentionally violate tax law is rather difficult. This is due to the fact that the tax code is so incredibly complex and detailed.

An Atlanta IRS tax attorney is often able to show that a taxpayer was not intentionally trying to defraud the government in any way.

Civil Penalties

When the criminal intent aspect has been removed, taxpayers must know that they will still likely be liable for some level of civil penalty. From underpaying taxes to filing late or filing improperly, there are many aspects of civil penalties that must be considered.

In short, as long as a taxpayer presents some level of reasonable legal argument as to why taxes were not paid there will often be no criminal fraud charges. It cannot be stressed enough that having IRS tax help in Atlanta is the best way to ensure the best possible outcome.

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