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Why Has Tax Filing Become More Complicated?

This is a common question that is asked more frequently today than ever before. In fact, it is getting more difficult to file a tax return today than it was just a few short years ago.

There are many reasons for this but one example is that there are more questions about health insurance then there were in prior years.

While many people get their health coverage through their employer or government programs like Medicaid, there are others who seek health insurance on their own.

Tax Implications

To further complicate matters, many people today are required to sign up for the Affordable Health Care Act.

While many people oppose this government-sanctioned type of healthcare mandate, it is important to consider all the tax implications associated with the Affordable Health Care Act. There are new forms that must be filled out by those who get insurance through state or federal marketplaces.

An Atlanta IRS attorney or one who specializes in specific tax help in Atlanta can help you make a more informed decision when determining how to approach this aspect of dealing with taxes.

100 Million People

Another important consideration when it comes to answering the question of why tax filing has become so complicated is that it is sometimes difficult to contact the Internal Revenue Service.

Many reports indicate that upwards of half of the people expected to call the IRS this year will simply not be able to speak directly with a live person. This combined with the fact that more than 100 million people will call the IRS this year is somewhat overwhelming.

Even more troubling is that in many instances people are required to remain on hold for hours on end to speak directly with the IRS.

Atlanta Tax Lawyer

Part of the reason for these issues is that the IRS budget was reduced recently by hundreds of millions of dollars.

In short, they simply do not have the financial resources or the manpower to handle the substantial number of calls, emails and regular mail that arrives on a daily basis. This is perhaps one of the best reasons to consider filing as accurately and quickly as possible as a way to avoid having to contact the IRS at all.

An Atlanta tax lawyer helps guide you in making the best possible choices.

Work With Atlanta IRS Tax Lawyer

Getting help when filing an IRS tax return is best accomplished by working with Atlanta tax help professionals.

While there is much help available online and even on the IRS website, one of the best ways to know that you are doing the right thing with your taxes is to work with Atlanta IRS tax lawyer.

Time is well spent by working with an attorney that specializes in complex tax questions as opposed to trying to spend hours on hold waiting for the IRS to answer. Contact The Gartzman Law Firm, P.C. an Atlanta, Georgia tax lawyer today to learn more.

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