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Tips On How To Deal With Delinquent IRS Taxes

While nobody enjoys the idea of being delinquent on taxes it does happen from time to time. The good news is that there are several strategies and negotiations that can be used to correct what could otherwise be a difficult situation.

For example, most experts would agree that one of the first steps in correcting a delinquent tax situation is to always tell the truth and be upfront and honest. This simple strategy combined with keeping your promises and being cooperative can make the entire process much easier.

IRS Tax Penalties

In addition, one great tip on how to deal with delinquent IRS taxes is to simply speak the language. What this means is that using the correct nomenclature, terms and words as it relates to IRS taxes will go a long way in simplifying the entire process.

For example, when talking about IRS tax penalties remember that penalties are abated as compared to being removed. Equally important is to take full advantage of any payment options available.

IRS Tax Returns

There are many types of installment agreements and compromises for those who are willing to accept the details, stipulations and rules that accompany this type of plan. Equally important is to file all IRS tax returns on time so that the IRS does not have to do it. Your Atlanta tax attorney can help you in this regard.

Ignoring a tax return requires that the IRS will eventually file your taxes for you. This can add to the complexity of the case and cause more problems for the taxpayer. Staying proactive when it comes to filing a return can only serve to put a taxpayer in better standing with the IRS.

Paying Off Delinquent Taxes

Many experts that specialize in IRS tax law in Atlanta will frequently recommended that a taxpayer makes some type of offer to the IRS as a way to continue being proactive.

In short, making an offer shows that the taxpayer genuinely cares about paying off delinquent taxes and is looking for a way to settle a debt. Those who have successfully negotiated a repayment plan should always make their payments on time without missing a payment.

When payments are missed or delinquent the entire repayment plan can be canceled by the IRS.

IRS Tax Help In Atlanta

Taxpayers should always remember that the IRS could seize property, or take over bank accounts at will when necessary.

Finally, getting IRS tax help in Atlanta is the best way to negotiate with the IRS. A dependable, trusted and respected tax professional in the Atlanta area can help you negotiate in a professional and timely way.

While some taxpayers choose to go it alone, others know the importance of having professional guidance and assistance as a way to navigate the complexities of the IRS tax system.

Contact The Gartzman Law Firm, P.C. an Atlanta Georgia tax expert for assistance, guidance and professional help with a wide range of Atlanta tax problems.

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