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Key Reasons to Consider Hiring an Atlanta Tax Professional

Today's tax laws have become complex and in many ways highly demanding. While there are cases where simple tax returns can be filed by the taxpayer, other types are more complex and do require the help, guidance and assistance of an Atlanta IRS tax lawyer.

In fact, in most situations, hiring an Atlanta tax professional will result in a better outcome for the taxpayer especially when complex tax related issues are at hand. Let's look at some tax problems that may be best served with the assistance of a tax professional.

File Taxes By The Due Date

For example, when a taxpayer is simply unable to pay their taxes in full, then working with a tax professional can help to resolve the situation quickly. In many instances a taxpayer can simply have their Atlanta IRS tax lawyer contact the IRS to set up installment agreement payments.

In addition, when a taxpayer fails to file taxes by the due date, then seeking out IRS tax help in Atlanta may actually be the smartest strategy. In many cases simply filing an extension will afford a taxpayer the additional time needed to organize their paperwork.

Tax Penalties and Interest

It should be noted that any taxes that are not paid by the due date incur tax penalties and interest for the amount due until paid in full. Other situations that may be considered more pressing or more severe include cases where multiple years of unpaid taxes or unfiled taxes are at hand.

In fact, unfiled taxes can be a serious concern especially when the IRS is owed a large sum of money. When tax penalties and interest are combined, the amount owed can grow rather rapidly. Hiring an Atlanta IRS tax attorney is clearly the best solution in this situation.

CPA or Atlanta Tax Lawyer

Fortunately there are many types of tax settlement methods that can be used to correct this type of situation. From an offer in compromise to an installment agreement or even penalty abatement, your CPA or Atlanta tax lawyer will find the best solution for your particular needs.

Another situation that requires professional help and assistance is when a taxpayer is unable to make payments as agreed upon by an installment agreement.

Tax Lawyer In Atlanta

When a taxpayer accepts an installment agreement as a way to resolve unpaid back taxes they are agreeing to pay a specific amount each and every month. If the taxpayer becomes unable to afford these payments, a tax lawyer in Atlanta can help.

In many cases a tax professional can help to determine the taxpayer's eligibility for a variety of IRS programs such as an Offer In Compromise or some type of partial-payment agreement in addition to requesting an exclusion known as a financial hardship.

Contact The Gartzman Law Firm, P.C. an Atlanta Georgia tax expert for assistance, guidance and professional help with a wide range of Atlanta tax problems.

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