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Taxpayers Beware Of Tax Relief Scams

Today consumers are bombarded with a wide variety of scams on almost a daily basis. Ubiquitous tax relief scams are no different especially considering that more people than ever before are dealing with mounting tax debt.

The environment is also ripe for tax relief scams simply due to the fact that the IRS has recently stepped up enforcement actions on tax debts and money owed to the IRS. As a result many unscrupulous tax relief companies are popping up in order to take advantage of unsuspecting taxpayers.

Tax Attorney In Atlanta

Typically speaking, the best option for dealing with tax problems is to simply hire an Atlanta tax lawyer. However, some individuals do choose to use tax relief agencies.

Anyone who goes that route must make absolutely sure that they choose an agency that is trusted, respected and reliable. This is important because it will help to guard the taxpayer against tax relief scams that may end up costing them considerable sums of money.

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There are several telltale signs that a tax relief agency might indeed be a scam. For example, when an agency of this nature requires full payment from the taxpayer upfront, this should be a warning that something may not be right.

Fraudulent tax relief agencies may even ask for credit card or bank account information. Be very hesitant to share this type of information with an agency that you are unsure of or distrust. Another clear warning sign that an agency may indeed be fraudulent is when they guarantee the taxpayer relief no matter the severity of the situation.

Offer In Compromise Settlement

Taxpayers should know that there are some complex tax problems that a tax relief agency simply cannot correct. In fact, working with an IRS attorney in Atlanta or CPA is usually the best option in this regard. Taxpayers should be very weary of an agency that promises an offer in compromise settlement.

Another common ploy used by these tax relief agencies is to always accept all cases regardless of the situation or complexity. This is an obvious sign that the agency is only interested in how much money they can make from the taxpayer.

Atlanta Tax Relief

Finally, be cautious when dealing with agencies that offer a 30-day money back guarantee or promise that they will make all the decisions for you without your input. As an added note, agencies that quote a floating fee for their services should be approached with caution.

A floating fee can increase rapidly as your case progresses. Check to ensure that the tax relief agency you are dealing with has good ratings and good reviews online that have been written by other consumers. Never respond to cold calling agencies or agencies that pressure you to quickly accept their tax relief services.

Contact The Gartzman Law Firm, P.C. an Atlanta, Georgia tax lawyer for detailed information when it comes to these and other important tax issues.

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