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Is It Time To Settle IRS Back Taxes

Owing any kind of back taxes can present an overwhelming experience for almost anyone today. One of the best ways to reduce stress and better organize your personal finances is to settle with the IRS as quickly as possible.

This is true especially considering the fact that the IRS can garnish wages, seize assets and even place a lien on property in an attempt to recover a debt that is owed.

The good news is that the IRS is often more than happy to work with taxpayers in order to resolve debt issues.

Tax Help In Atlanta Is Close At Hand

Here are a few simple ways of settling your IRS tax debt in a fast and efficient way. For example, one of the easiest strategies is to consider working on an installment agreement with the IRS.

This particular type of monthly payment plan is an excellent way of paying off a tax debt. In addition the IRS offers the option of partial payment installment agreements.

This is somewhat of a new type of debt management program offered by the IRS that involves a long-term payment plan.

It is an excellent option for those who are simply unable to settle unpaid back taxes with one lump sum payment.

Installment Agreement With Atlanta IRS Attorney Help

Working with Atlanta tax debt attorney is one of the easiest ways to secure a favorable and advantageous partial payment installment agreement or standard installment agreement with the IRS.

What is perhaps most unique about a partial payment installment agreement is that the taxpayer is able to pay off a tax debt at a reduced dollar amount.

Another program is called an offer in compromise. This gives taxpayers the opportunity to pay a lesser amount and it is still regarded by the IRS as a full and final payment.

Those who qualify for this type of program can save literally tens of thousands of dollars on interest, penalties and back taxes.

Ability To Postpone Paying A Tax Debt

Finally, there is a type of program offered by the IRS where the Internal Revenue Service voluntarily agrees to postpone the collection of taxes for about a year.

This is known as a "currently not collectible" type of situation that affords the taxpayer the ability to postpone paying a tax debt. When it can be shown that the taxpayer simply does not have the ability to pay, the IRS will work with the taxpayer using this type of program.

Taxpayers are able to stop any potential IRS levies or liens by applying for a collection appeal.

A collection appeal gives the taxpayer the chance to explain how the situation can be resolved without the need for the IRS to garnish wages, apply levies or seize property.

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