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Understanding The IRS Collection Process

Anytime a taxpayer has an outstanding tax debt owed to the IRS, they will typically receive a notice accompanied by a tax bill referring to the outstanding tax owed.

This is an important letter because it provides the taxpayer with an opportunity to either contest or appeal any tax levy that may be issued by the IRS.

It should be noted that pending tax debts are always subjected to interest and penalties if they are left unpaid.

That is why it is important to respond promptly to any correspondence from the IRS regarding the collection process.

Atlanta IRS Tax Lawyer Standing By Ready To Help

Taxpayers should also understand that interest and penalties are typically not applicable in the period of time in which a taxpayer is rightfully entitled to a tax refund.

In other words, if a tax-refund covers all interest and penalties, the IRS will simply use any tax refund to bring the taxpayers account up to date.

A taxpayer should always make an effort to pay any taxes owed as quickly as possible. Anytime it is not possible to pay the amount owed in full, taxpayers should contact the Atlanta IRS tax lawyer to arrange other options.

Get Out Of Control Very Quickly

This is important because bringing an account up to date can help to prevent further growing interest and tax penalties from accruing.

In many instances, taxpayers get into trouble because they allow interest, penalties and other fines to mount and compound over time. This is a case where a tax debt can get out of control very quickly.

Working with an Atlanta tax lawyer is the best way to ensure that this does not happen. A lawyer in Atlanta that focuses specifically on tax debt can work with the IRS to negotiate an offer in compromise or some type of installment agreement.

Contact The IRS Quickly

Lawyers that do this type of tax work understand the tax code and how the IRS operates. They are better able to address tax issues than an individual taxpayer.

Allowing a tax lawyer in Atlanta to represent your interests in this regard can save you time, trouble and money. Meet with your attorney as quickly as possible anytime you receive a letter from the IRS saying that you owe taxes.

This allows your attorney to contact the IRS quickly and can reduce the potential for fines, fees, levies and seizures of assets. It should be noted that the IRS initiates collection actions against a taxpayer if any tax debt goes ignored or unpaid for a length of time.

Talk with your lawyer as a way to prevent substantial financial losses due to tax levies, liens and property seizures.

Consult with your Atlanta tax expert to get all the details. Contact The Gartzman Law Firm, P.C. an Atlanta, Georgia tax lawyer today to learn more. 

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