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Tax Audit Tips And Hints

Most would agree that nobody enjoys the idea of being audited by the IRS. However, it does occur and more frequently than most might imagine. That said there are some good tax audit tips and hints that are worth considering if you ever do encounter this type of situation. For example, it is important to remain calm and always be yourself when dealing with the IRS. Auditors will review documentation and paperwork but also review the person being audited.

Top Questions To Ask Your Atlanta Tax Attorney

While there are people that may not require the services of a tax attorney in Atlanta, there are times when the help of a legal professional is absolutely necessary. That said here are a few key questions that should be asked when seeking the assistance of an Atlanta tax lawyer. For example, one of the first questions that should be asked is what type of tax law the attorney specializes in. There are attorneys who specialize in only corporate taxes while others specialize in personal income tax related issues.

Indications That You May Need An Atlanta Tax Lawyer

There is sometimes a level of uncertainty with regard to when a tax attorney is actually needed. In truth, hiring an Atlanta tax lawyer who specializes in various aspects of tax law is often recommended for those who require IRS tax help. Whether owing back taxes or being audited, or for any other number of tax related issues, having a focused and dedicated lawyer in your corner can make all the difference. Tax lawyers are well versed in handling complex and technical tax related legal issues.

What You Should Know About The Growing Tax Gap

In many respects the IRS is no different than any other type of business in that it wishes to bring in as much revenue as possible. Tax collection problems can be experienced by almost anyone today as the IRS attempts to close the tax gap. However, taxpayers should always strive to maintain their rights when confronted by an IRS audit or demand for payment. The aggregate tax liability is the amount of money that the IRS calculates it anticipates it will collect in taxes in a given year.

The Taxpayer's Right To A Fair And Just Tax System

There is something known as the taxpayer Bill of Rights. It outlines and defines the fundamental rights of each taxpayer when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service. The right to a fair and just tax system can be broken down into several key aspects. For example, if the taxpayer cannot pay taxes due in full they may be able to enter into a payment plan where a set amount is paid over time. These payments are made generally on a monthly basis.

Tax deductions for medical expenses

We all know how expensive healthcare is, and how much of the federal budgetary problems have been caused by the growth of Medicare and Medicaid. Georgia residents certainly know when they have to pay for healthcare charges out of pocket, just how expensive it can be. It's important to remember that if you have a significant amount of medical and dental costs in a tax year, you may be able to deduct some of that expense.

Atlanta Tax Attorney Offers Tax Filing Reminders

It is my responsibility as a tax attorney in Atlanta to stay up to date on all tax laws and regulations, date extensions, and of course tax filing deadlines. Review these important reminders to file your tax returns:

Supreme Court Upholds 2010 Health Care Law - Part Two

With the tax provisions in the 2010 health care laws staggered over a multi-year time frame, it's not always easy to remember what's in effect now and what will become effective later. Here's part two of an overview of the status of selected provisions. Review part one to get more information about the health care law tax provisions.

Supreme Court Upholds 2010 Health Care Law - Part One

In a 5 to 4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled on June 28 that most of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 was constitutional. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the majority opinion that rejected the individual insurance mandate under the commerce clause of the Constitution, but upheld it as part of Congress's power to tax.

What To Consider When Making The Social Security Decision

If you're approaching retirement and are eligible for social security, you have three broad options for drawing your benefits: start early, wait until your "full" retirement age, or hold out a few years longer to qualify for the monthly maximum.

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