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How to Resolve Your Tax Problems in 2019

How to Resolve Your Tax Problems in 2019

If you’re finally ready to resolve your tax problems in 2019, your first step should be to consult a tax resolution attorney. Every situation is unique, depending on your financial situation, how much you owe, which relief strategies you may qualify for, and other factors. Your attorney can guide you to the right solution and help you avoid strategies that are unlikely to work.

The following strategies may help you put your tax problems behind you in 2019.

Identify Immediate Threats or Deadlines

Some people are only motivated to resolve their tax problems once the IRS is about to seize their property. Taxpayers in the following situations often seek immediate tax resolution help:

  • The IRS is about to levy their bank account.
  • The IRS is going to garnish their wages or has already started garnishing their paychecks.
  • A Notice of Federal Tax Lien has been filed and now they can’t sell or refinance their home.
  • Their passport is about it be revoked or denied.

Quick action is critical in these cases. You may only have a number of weeks or days before the IRS seizes your bank accounts funds or takes other enforced collection actions.

Your first priority should be to avoid or delay these actions and respond before any deadlines pass.

Evaluate the Problem

Every tax debt problem comes with a story. It can be a divorce, a business failure, getting laid off, an injury or illness, or something else. It’s important that you tell your full story to your tax attorney during your consultation.

Determining how your tax problems started can often lead to a solution. Tax problems related to a divorce may qualify for innocent spouse relief, while tax problems caused by a permanent disability may be resolved with an Offer in Compromise.

To get the full scope of your tax problems, you should also tell your attorney if you have any unfiled tax returns, and get them filed as soon as possible.

Find a Resolution

You can now start pursuing the tax resolution option or options that fit your circumstances. This isn’t always a simple or straightforward matter, and may take some time to complete.

Offers in Compromise generally take six months or more to process. Sometimes you’ll need to go to the IRS Appeals Office or take your case to Tax Court, which takes even more time.

However, that investment of time will pay off once you have a permanent solution to your tax problems. To get started, contact a tax resolution attorney and schedule a consultation.

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