When you have serious tax issues, you need someone who knows tax law

Can Self-Employed Workers Afford To Do Their Own Taxes?

Many new business owners and entrepreneurs are excited to build their business only to find out months or years later that they made a critical error in their early days. For some, this can lead to an overwhelming backlog of tax issues and complications that their business cannot survive. In the worst cases, it can lead to tax debt and liability that spills into the owner’s personal life.

Tax attorney Jeffrey Gartzman has spent the past 35 years and more representing businesses and owners across Georgia. With his background as a tax attorney and a certified public accountant working in tax law, Mr. Gartzman can help you reduce the burden a tax error has on your business and give you practical advice for your future. Mr. Gartzman helps people deal with the IRS and the Department of Revenue for the state of Georgia, including IRS tax audits and resolving tax issues.

Common Tax Errors People Who Work For Themselves Make

The potential for a tax disaster begins with the very start of a business or enterprise. From there, sales tax, self-employment tax forms, employee taxes and other issues quickly can compound the problem. As a self-employed worker, you will need to treat your tax filings with care well in advance of Tax Day. Businesses that sell products online or that participate in other partnerships will need to consider many other factors as well. By the time you realize how big your tax problems are, it may be too late. You need to hire a tax attorney.

Bring Your Self-Employment Taxes Back Under Control

In addition to his meticulous work in other areas of the tax code, Mr. Gartzman helps bring clarity and efficient answers to businesses across the Atlanta metro area. He will help trace your tax problems to their root issues and can work with you to negotiate the best terms for your case. You can call 770-695-7337 to reach The Gartzman Law Firm, P.C. or email them to find out more about your options.