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Commonly Asked Tax Questions

It is normal for clients to have many questions about the legal process, what to expect and how to proceed. Some of the most common questions people ask are listed below. You should know, however, that every case is different, and there may be a distinctive difference in your case that alters the answers you see on this page.

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What are my options?

The ideal way to manage your tax debts will depend on your needs. In many cases, we help bring an appeal for miscalculated taxes or can help you avoid issues like wage garnishments or bank account levies. For those with large debt and the means to make some payment, an offer in compromise may be the best option. We will explain the full range of options at your first appointment.

How long is this going to take?

Tax issues are notoriously complex and often take months or years to resolve. We work to find a solution to your case as expediently as possible.

Am I going to jail?

Probably not, but it depends on your case. A small percentage of people are sent to prison for tax charges. Our tax attorney will help you navigate the case against you and can often resolve your issues long before criminal investigation or incarceration is truly considered.

Are they going to come to my home or office?

Once you have an attorney on record, your tax disputes will be managed through your attorney’s office. Sometimes a site visit to a business is necessary. In the case that there is a criminal investigation, the authorities will need a warrant to come into your home or office as a part of the investigation.

How much will this cost?

Every case is different. The cost will depend upon the complexity of your case, the time needed to resolve it and a host of other factors. To discuss the cost in more detail, please contact our office.

How will a levy, lien or seizure affect me?

A levy or lien can have many different consequences, but the primary issue is that a lien, levy or seizure is a claim against your property. It can mean that the profit from selling your home or car goes in part to your debt when you sell it. In some cases, it can lead to foreclosure. A levy is a taking of most of your paycheck or all of your bank account. A seizure is a taking of your real estate and/or personal property.

Will I lose my job?

No. Most people who have outstanding taxes will not lose their jobs based on the outstanding debt. Your employer may, however, find out about your debt through wage levy/garnishment or another means and that can lead to issues in the workplace.

Tax Problems Won’t Go Away

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