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Has Someone Stolen Your Identity?

Every year, the horror stories come again – people stealing others’ identities during tax season. Victims are dealing with more than a financial loss; they are left navigating a new, complicated challenge that will require them to prove their identity, recover their financial standing and restore their tax status. It is not a task to take on by yourself, certainly not if you have substantial assets that are now at risk.

How Taxes Are Used For Identity Theft

There are many ways identity thieves can use your or your loved one’s tax filing to take your personal information, many of which do not require technological skill at all. They may steal your W2s or other information from the mail, purchase your Social Security number online or hack into your tax programs. Once they have this information, some will steal your identity quickly by filing your taxes before you do, gaining access to your tax return. Others may wait until the risk is lower and steal your identity later.

The first sign that someone has used your tax information to steal your identity is a rejected tax filing. Once you realize what has happened, you need to act fast, especially if you are a small-business owner or have high-value property. You will need to do more than calling your credit card company or reporting the theft to the police.

You Need To Find An Attorney You Trust

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