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IRS Notices: CP 508C Passport Revocation or Denial

IRS Notices: CP 508C Passport Revocation or Denial

The CP 508C notice is telling you that your passport may be revoked or denied because you have seriously delinquent tax debt. You’ll need to resolve your tax problems with the IRS in order to keep your passport or have your next passport issued.

Why You Are Receiving a CP 508C Notice

The IRS began certifying taxpayers as seriously delinquent to the State Department in 2018. The State Department will then generally deny your next passport application and may even revoke your current passport.

The IRS only certifies tax debt that is “seriously delinquent”. This means that you must owe over $51,000 in combined back taxes, penalties, and interest. The IRS must have also issued a Notice of Federal Tax Lien or levy.

Basically, the IRS passport certification is another collection tactic that can be used against taxpayers who are not cooperating with the Service. If you want your passport back, you’ll need to resolve your tax debt issues.

Avoiding Passport Revocation

You can avoid a passport revocation or have a passport denial reversed by taking the following actions:

  • Negotiate a monthly installment agreement to pay back your tax debt.
  • Submit an Offer in Compromise that is accepted by the IRS.
  • Request innocent spouse relief.
  • Request a collection due process hearing in response to a levy notice.
  • Enter into a settlement agreement with the Justice Department.

The certification to the State Department can also be reversed if the tax debt becomes enforceable or if the certification was issued erroneously. If the statute of limitations on collection expires or your tax debt shouldn’t qualify as seriously delinquent, you may meet the criteria to have the certification reversed.

If your passport is suspended, you’ll only be permitted to travel if you are returning to the U.S. from overseas. Once you return, you will no longer be able to travel internationally, even if you are required to leave the country for your job.

By the time you receive a CP 508C notice, you’ve probably already experienced other consequences from your IRS tax debt as well. Contact a tax resolution attorney to discuss your options and put your tax problems behind you for good.

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