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IRS Notices: Final Notice and Intent to Levy

IRS Notices: Final Notice and Intent to Levy

The Final Notice and Intent to Levy is a warning from the IRS that your assets or wages are about to be seized. This is also referred to as a Collection Due Process (CDP) notice because you have the right to request a CDP hearing.

What to Do With the CDP Notice

First, read the notice and see if you agree with the information. You should have received several other notices prior to the CDP notice.

The initial notices typically just tell you to pay the IRS what you owe and that penalties and interest are accruing on your debt. The CDP notice informs you that an enforced collection action is imminent. You do not want to ignore this notice.

The most important thing you should do at this point is request a CDP hearing within 30 days. You need to request this hearing in writing.

If you do nothing within 30 days, the IRS can move forward with the levy. The money in your checking account may be seized from the IRS or your employer may send a portion of your paycheck directly to the IRS until your tax debt is paid off.

Benefits of the CDP Hearing

The CDP hearing offers the following benefits:

  • If you have an argument for disputing the tax, and you haven’t had the opportunity to make it yet, you can do so at the CDP hearing.
  • If you agree that you owe the tax, you can still negotiate a payment alternative—such as an installment agreement—and avoid the IRS levy.
  • Even if you don’t know how to resolve your tax problems yet, you can at least delay the levy. The IRS can’t levy your property until the CDP hearing process is complete.

There are many different ways to resolve your tax problems, but you first need to avoid the IRS levy. It’s very difficult to get seized property back once the levy occurs.

Take Action Now

You have 30 days from the date of the CDP notice to save your property from IRS seizure. Contact a tax resolution attorney right away and make sure you request the CDP hearing in time.

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