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What Happens If You Get Currently Not Collectible Status?

What Happens If You Get Currently Not Collectible Status?

Currently not collectible (CNC) status gives you a breather from imminent IRS collection actions. The IRS generally won’t levy your assets or wages while your account remains in CNC status.

There are costs and benefits to CNC status that you should consider before attempting to use this strategy. Talk to a tax attorney to determine if CNC status is the best option for your case.

Benefits of Currently Not Collectible Status

CNC status protects you from enforced collection actions. You won’t have to wonder whether the IRS is about to levy your bank accounts or garnish your wages while in CNC status. However, it’s possible that a Notice of Federal Tax Lien will be filed against your property, which can make it difficult to refinance or sell.

You also don’t need to pay off your tax debt to get CNC status. You don’t even need to negotiate any type of installment agreement or another payment arrangement.

You can use the extra time to determine whether you should use another tax resolution option, such as an installment agreement, Offer in Compromise, or innocent spouse relief.

Drawbacks of Currently Not Collectible Status

Not everyone can get CNC status. You generally need to have no equity in assets and little to no income left over after paying your reasonable living expenses. You’ll be required to submit a Collection Information Statement to illustrate your financial situation.

Interest and penalties also continue to accrue when your account is in CNC status. Your unpaid balance will keep increasing each month.

If your financial situation changes, the IRS may remove your account from CNC status. For example, if you request CNC status while unemployed, but later get a new job, the IRS may want to know if you can now afford to make monthly installment agreement payments. If you don’t cooperate, your assets and wages may once again be susceptible to an IRS seizure.

CNC status doesn’t do anything to get rid of your IRS tax debt. However, if you are experiencing a temporary financial hardship, it can delay IRS collections and give you time to figure out what to do about your tax debt problems.

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