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The Georgia Department of Revenue may audit any Georgia taxpayer or business. Taxpayers who disagree with the GDOR’s findings, are not without recourse and may challenge these findings alone or with professional assistance and guidance. A professional experienced in tax matters may help level the playing field against aggressive auditors.

Once the Georgia Department of Revenue completes the audit or examination, it may determine that some amounts as reported by the taxpayer may require adjustments, resulting in an increase in the amount of taxes due or a refund of the taxes paid. A GDOR auditor will discuss the audit report as proposed in a final conference with a written copy of the proposed adjustments given to the taxpayer and/or the taxpayer’s representative.

The Department will notify the taxpayer by mail of the results of the audit. If there are adjustments, the taxpayer will receive an assessment or refund notice. If there is no tax due and no refund, a letter will be sent explaining that there is no change in the tax liability.  If you have questions or need more information, please contact the auditor who worked with you, or the Department, at the address and phone number listed on the audit report.

A benefit of resolving any tax issues through an audit is that if the GDOR determines that some additional amount is due, it may be paid without additional penalties and interest. Taxpayers, of course, may contest the GDOR’s findings in the Notice of Proposed Assessment and file a protest. A taxpayer who receives an Official Notice and Demand for Payment may file a petition with the Georgia Tax Tribunal.

Georgia Law vests Georgia citizens with certain rights through the Georgia Taxpayer Bill of Rights. These rights must be upheld any time a taxpayer contacts or is contacted by the GDOR. These rights include fair and courteous treatment, prompt and accurate responses to all questions and requests, and a fair and timely hearing whenever tax liability is disputed. A knowledgeable tax professional may help save any taxpayer the significant time and effort associated with a Georgia Department of Revenue audit.

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Challenging The Findings Of A GDOR Tax Audit