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As the future in the Spring of 2020 looks more uncertain than it did a year ago, anxiety from the coronavirus pandemic is causing many Georgians to consider and review their estate plans. No person wants to be unprepared in the face of an unknown future and the State of Georgia has taken action to help those who desire to take action.

To allow the residents of Georgia to maintain access to legal services during the coronavirus pandemic, Governor Brian Kemp has signed an executive order that permits the remote notarization and witnessing of certain legal documents.

It is now possible in Georgia to execute, witness and notarize wills, codicils, powers of attorney, advance directives for health care, and other documents remotely. These documents must still be executed in the physical presence of others through audio and video technology or similar real-time means of video conferencing so all parties may communicate by sight and sound. Contact The Gartzman Law Firm for help with any of these documents.

An effective estate plan should also include several documents, such as a revocable or living trust, financial powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney, and whatever the circumstances require. Estate planning is more than just drafting a will as each document plays a crucial role in the estate plan. Contact an experienced estate planner at the Gartzman Law Firm today to schedule a consultation.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, two crucial documents for anyone to have in these difficult, uncertain times are medical and financial powers of attorney. If any of us gets sick with the coronavirus, we will need someone to make medical and financial decisions if we are quarantined at home, admitted to the hospital, or incapacitated.

The documents contained in a typical estate plan help prepare all family members for the situations when important health and financial decisions are required. The COVID-19 quarantine allows you to take care of your estate planning needs from the comfort of your home. Take advantage of this temporary situation. Formulating an estate plan requires the assistance of an estate planning and tax professional to help individuals consider all relevant, necessary issues, and precisely prepare and draft their documents. The Gartzman Law Firm can help you formulate an effective estate plan. Call today at (770) 939-7710.

Estate Planning For Troubled Times