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Received a notice from the IRS? Do this next

Seeing that you have something in the mail from the Internal Revenue Service can make your heart stop. While there’s a chance that it’s good news, there’s a better chance that you’re being asked about something, told that you owe money, or given information about your IRS account. 

Even though seeing that you have mail from the IRS might stress you out, it’s imperative that you open the mail. Trying to ignore whatever notice is in the mailbox might lead to more issues. Consider these points when you receive an IRS notice.

Thoroughly read the notice

Some notices come with strict time limits. Because of this, you should read the notice completely as soon as you get it in. You might find that you have to reply or submit information to the IRS within a certain time. 

It’s possible that the notice may have information about how you can get an extension on dealing with the problem. Quickly asking for an extension might give you enough time to formulate a suitable solution for the issue — or more time to explore your options.

Write back (don’t call)

Another important thing to remember is that you should document everything. While it might be tempting to call the IRS to resolve a matter, this likely won’t provide you with documentation of the solution. Instead, try to handle everything in writing so you can keep the correspondence. 

If you have a serious matter to handle that involves the IRS, be sure to work with an attorney who’s familiar with these matters. Tax law is complex, so having a knowledgeable person on your side to assist you as you deal with this government agency.