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How to prevent an audit of a small business

One of the most intimidating aspects of owning and operating a small business is dealing with tax law matters. Taxes for Georgia small businesses are complex and confusing, and business owners will want to ensure that they do everything possible to avoid an audit. While it is difficult to guarantee that an audit will never happen, there are certain things one can do that will lower the chance of this happening. 

Lower the chance of complications 

An audit happens when the Internal Revenue Service notices an error with a tax return or there is suspicion that something is inaccurate. The IRS will send notice of an audit, which is a mandatory, thorough review of a company’s income, expenses, cash flow, assets, debts and more. To reduce the chance of this happening, the following steps are useful: 

  • Refrain from rounding numbers in records. Be as accurate as possible. 
  • Keep detailed records and do not throw away important financial documents. 
  • Double check calculations and ensure there are no math errors in a return. 
  • Be clear in the description of deductions and categorization of expenses. 
  • Make estimated tax payments regularly and on time, and file electronically. 

If an audit does occur, the above steps can make that process simpler and easier for the business owner, as well as increase the chance of a positive outcome. 

Assistance with tax law matters 

A Georgia business owner does not have to navigate tax law matters alone. There is a benefit in working with an experienced tax law attorney who can provide insight and guidance at every step. An assessment of a company’s operations can help one understand how to lower the chance of an audit and navigate specific tax concerns.