When you have serious tax issues, you need someone who knows tax law

Mistakes that could increase the chance of an audit

Small business owners may find that one of the most complex challenges they face pertains to their financial obligations to the federal government. Tax laws are not easy to navigate, especially for small businesses, and even a small mistake could lead to significant complications, such as an audit. It may be helpful for Georgia business owners to be aware of the mistakes that may make it more likely that they will be audited.

What is an audit, and what triggers it?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, an audit is a review of personal or business accounts. This is to ensure that taxes are paid appropriately according to profits, deductions and other factors. If errors are found, it could lead to expensive fines. Common mistakes that can trigger an audit include:

  • Filing an incomplete tax return
  • Incorrect calculations or other details
  • Incorrect inclusion of deductions
  • Claiming large business expenses or losses in a year
  • Outsized charitable donations
  • Having undeclared income

An audit can be daunting, but a business owner can take steps that will reduce the chance of this happening to them by having experienced help when preparing taxes.

Assistance for tax challenges

It may be beneficial for a business owner to work with an experienced Georgia tax law attorney when navigating tax law concerns. This representation can be useful during an audit or other issues that may arise regarding taxes. It is not necessary to navigate tax-related issues without knowledgeable support and counsel when pursuing the best possible outcome.